Gmaurich | The Team
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Carol Matiko – Principal & Research Director

Carol Matiko has over 17 years experience in applied research  for studies that adopt qualitative approaches and quantitative surveys. Over the years she have been involved in studies dealing with public health,  gender rights, security, financial access, agriculture, livelihood, domestic violence and  concept development/testing. Having worked in research agencies and the client-side,  she knows that conceptual and development research has to be carefully localized.

Carol is hands on involved in day to day study execution from review of tools, team training, participation in briefing, overseeing fieldwork  and summary reports. Her reputation is impeccable with client recommendations to ascertains the same.  In the two years that Gmaurich has been fully operation, under her guidance the firms is currently winning assignments alongside international research agencies

In 1998  Carol set up the Social Research unit at a leading agency in East Africa – The Steadman Group. The unit recorded phenomenal growth and after rising through the ranks to the position of Research Director and a successful acquisition of Steadman by Synovate (currently known as Ipsos) she left to pursue other interests. Her background is  development studies.

Pamela – Data collection Lead

Pamela has over 7 years’ experience in applied research work Pamela has handled numerous quantitative and qualitative assignments in Kenya. Often her responsibilities include actual data collection for high profile clients, supervision of field enumerators and moderation of groups She is able to build rapport with the more difficult segments such as older urban females and youths from informal settlements. She has worked on projects touching on health, agriculture, finance, gender rights, child labour, governance, education and many more.

Pamela is very experienced in quantitative field management. Having started off her career as an enumerator she empathizes with field teams and also understands how best to manage the quality control process to ensure that laid down protocols are followed. She is also a moderator who incorporates various projective techniques spontaneously as she administers the guide. Her understanding of cultural norms and language that influences responses adds value during tool localization activities.

Pamela is passionate about fieldwork and measures that can be put into place to improve field integrity especially the adoption of smart technology.

Ann Musila – Lead supervisor

For over 9 years, Ann has been involved in various quantitative and qualitative primary data collection assignments both as a supervisor and enumerator, mainly conducting KIIs and In-depth Interviews with different research firms on freelance basis. As a supervisor, her main role has been to carry out quality controls during the data collection period through accompanying the field enumerators, conducting back- checks, spot checks and also checking the completed questionnaires before submission to ensure quality has not been compromised. She knows how to handle different types of respondents and especially on the most sensitive topics where the respondents are not willing to open up and require patience. She has handled projects on Agriculture, Gender equity, Girl child empowerment, youth in general, among others.

                                   Ann Maloba – Lead supervisor

With over 11 years’ experience in research work Anne has been involved in numerous quantitative and qualitative studies in Kenya. Her main responsibilities include actual data collection; community mobilization; supervision and quality checks. Having worked her way up from being an enumerator Anne understands the value of maintain good work relations between management and field teams for excellent outcome. She has excellent communication skills which make her an asset during mobilization assignments. She has worked on numerous projects including health, agriculture, gender rights, child labor, governance, education and many more.
Anne is very experienced in both quantitative and qualitative data collection process. She is also involved in in- depth interviewing and especially in gender related studies where her easy and calm mannerism plays a major role in building rapport. Her understanding of cultural norms and language that influences responses adds value during tool localization activities.